Open Range

We believe in universal outdoor access and experiences for all by focusing on the importance of diversity and inclusion. We support initiatives and advocacy that connects historically underserved populations with outdoor access. We directly support bills and policies that target urban communities and bring more outdoor recreation infrastructure and access to cities and other underserved communities.

Natural Beauty

We are dedicated to keeping the outdoors rugged, actively supporting legislation that keeps public lands in public hands – i.e. no privatization of public lands. We fully back legislation that prioritizes outdoor recreation over development, energy extraction or other uses incompatible with outdoor recreation, while also supporting public lands and recreational assets.

Your Range, Your Way

We believe that the range exists within you. With our core principles founded on the idea that everyone is capable of achieving their goals, all you need is the right range. Rugged Range is focused on delivering thoughtfully curated outdoor gear and apparel designed to maximize your experience, while providing all the essential tools you need to expand your range. Life’s an adventure; let us help you create yours.

Preserve the Outdoors – Remain Rugged – Find Your Range

Rugged Range is committing 3% of its sales to foundations and programs that align with our commitment to the outdoors. Many of the brands we sell are focused on sustainability—using recycled materials in their product—and are also supporting conservation efforts and foundations, too. (That’s why we chose them!) Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter, Rugged in Action, where we will share our efforts in making a difference for these communities.

Thank you for your consideration and we'll see you on the range!

-Patrick Terrel

Patrick Terrell Rugged Range Founder

My Story – The Making of a Rugged Ranger

The dinner bell - it’s one of my earliest memories of any kind of a set schedule that I can remember having as a young child. My mom’s dinner bell…and when it was rung it meant it was time to go home. Looking back, the sound of my mom’s dinner bell was always associated with a day well spent. Growing up, if you were trying to find me, chances are you would’ve found me outside.

The Seeds Were Planted

Early on, I loved climbing trees and riding BMX bikes in the woods of the NW suburbs of Chicago where we lived, so much so that once I got home, my mom would lovingly describe my skin tone as “dirt.” 

The majority of my childhood was spent in Tampa, Florida where my mom was relocated for work. I was swimming in lakes, snorkeling springs and rivers with manatees and sailing with my stepfather, an avid sailor - out on a sailboat most weekends. 

During this time, my only true adversaries were the alligators and snakes I swam with and my passion for the water led me to become Open Water Diver certified. 

With college on the horizon and my love of the outdoors engrained in everything I did, I had my sights set on entrepreneurial endeavors focusing on how I could possibly marry my love of the outdoors with my passion for business. I graduated with a B.S. in Advertising from University of Florida, followed by an MBA from DePaul University. 

Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life 

It was 1998 and tech was booming in Northern California which prompted me to make the move to San Francisco. After a few years, I proudly launched my first e-commerce business in 2000 (

My weekends were spent training and becoming an accomplished triathlete, participating in both Ironman Florida and Wildflower Half Ironman in San Luis Obispo. I even swam from Alcatraz Island (a sanctioned event – not due to incarceration, thankfully…).

As my e-commerce business grew so did my wanderlust. I travelled and eventually moved to Australia where I successfully built, alongside two founders, a surf and action sports e-commerce business ( 

Remember Where You Came From

My interest in conservation started early too, maybe even unconsciously via my surroundings – with my mother’s work for Waste Management, initiating the McKay Bay Project which was built around the concept of burning refuse for energy.

In 1991, our high school class designed the first artificial reef using plastics in the environment in Tampa Bay after our teacher spoke to the Florida EPA about using milk crates to create the base of an artificial reef. 

Later in life, I authored a white paper on EPA/Emissions standards in the locomotive industry (for General Motors), which focused on improving air quality by innovating new ways to burn diesel fuel.

My travels throughout my life have opened my eyes, not only to all that’s possible but also given me greater awareness to those countries in need. A trip to the Maldives proved to be eye-opening when I saw firsthand how third world countries lacked garbage and refuse management - with the endless floating bags of trash. 

My present day conservation efforts include working on forestry land management projects focused around pollination and soil conservation initiatives.

Full Circle 

I have always been drawn to the outdoors. The quote that states “when you do what you love, you are bound to be successful” has been applicable throughout my life.

I’m sure I have always been drawn to the e-commerce model specifically because it’s designed around life on-the-go, while giving you the ability to pivot when life throws you the unexpected (hello 2020). Bound by nothing, no restraints …with endless possibilities and opportunity. 

My passion for the outdoors and competitive spirit led me to today with the launch of Rugged Range, an outdoor e-commerce business propelled by our commitment to conservation, legislation and inclusivity for all. The Rugged Range site will also feature all of the thoughtfully curated outdoor gear and apparel you need to design your adventures, your way.  

Whether you’re a rugged ranger or a total novice to the outdoors, Rugged Range was founded around the idea that anything you can envision is possible… all you have to do is step outside.