Big City Mountaineers: THIS IS WHO WE ARE

Big City Mountaineers breaks down barriers to outdoor access for youth from disinvested communities by providing a variety of experiences that are free of charge, fully outfitted, and professionally guided. Big City Mountaineers is dedicated to identifying the variety of barriers facing marginalized communities when it comes to accessing the important benefits of time spent outdoors. By thoughtfully addressing these social, psychological, and material barriers, we create opportunities for youth to uncover their own sources of strength, resilience, confidence, serenity, and joy. We believe deeply in the transformative power of developing a personal connection with nature. Acknowledging the persistent presence of systemic oppression is a critical part of our work and one that we do in partnership with community-based youth development agencies, located and operating in each of the regions where BCM runs programs.

BCM is currently headquartered in Golden, Colorado. We offer day trips, overnights, multi-night expeditions, and virtual workshops for students residing in 6 metropolitan areas across the United States: Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Boston.

How to get involved:

Volunteer with youth programs

Join a Summit for Someone adventure fundraising team

Design your own campaign to support youth programs through the Adventure for Someone program

Donate! Every BCM experience is completely free of charge for participants.