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Inspiring the outdoor habit in kids and families by connecting research, knowledge, people and programs. With the goal of everyone experiencing the fun and joy of the outdoors once a week.

In 1912, Roosevelt said, “There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.” While in the political arena, he succeeded in making conservation a top-tier national issue. T.R. had the foresight to address these issues still so significant to sportsmen today, understanding that if we want to safeguard critical habitat, productive hunting grounds, and favorite fishing holes for future generations, we must plan carefully today.

Hunters and anglers are essential to conservation. Hunters and anglers have been the primary champions of wildlife habitat and healthy waterways since the days of Theodore Roosevelt. But with more competing demands on our natural resources than ever before, we can’t afford to take for granted what we have: A public lands network that is unparalleled in all the world, the best-managed fish and wildlife populations of any nation, and the ability for all Americans to hunt and fish, regardless of class or economic status. It is a system that benefits everyone, from sportsmen to hikers to those who simply want to drink clean water or experience wide open spaces.

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Thrive Outside Atlanta

The Thrive Outside Atlanta Community is led by the Trust for Public Land together with a diverse network of partners. The Thrive Outside Community grant allows the network to deepen partnerships with youth education providers, design a scaled program and ultimately reach a much wider audience of children and other under-resourced Atlantans in experiential outdoor education, both on the Chattahoochee River and at close-to-home Atlanta parks and trails. Thrive Outside Atlanta Community partners encourage youth and adults to participate in both urban outdoor experiences and more distant natural outdoor experiences. Atlanta will leverage this grant funding to ensure the long-term sustainability of the network by engaging foundations and individual donors. Learn more about Thrive Outside Atlanta.

Thrive Atlante
Trive Atlanta Map

Thrive Outside Grand Rapids

The Thrive Outside Grand Rapids Community is led by Our Community’s Children, a partnership of the City of Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Public Schools; the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department; and a close set of initial partners in the Grand Rapids Environmental Education Network. Thrive Outside is kick-starting a comprehensive outdoor program for Grand Rapids youth to connect with nature, play outdoors, and serve as leaders in neighborhood and park projects that engage families and children. This initiative allows Grand Rapids to build on the foundation set forth through the Connecting Children to Nature initiative and brings to scale, through planning and partnerships, a citywide effort to engage children in nature. Grand Rapids intends to engage kids of all ages with an emphasis on those in fifth through 12th grades. This investment leverages additional foundation support, and its opportune timing will pave the way for further public and private investment. Learn more about Thrive Outside Grand Rapids.

Thrive Outside Grand Rapids
Thrive Outside Grand Rapids

Thrive Outside Oklahoma City

The Thrive Outside Oklahoma City Community is led by the OKC RIVERSPORT Foundation together with a broad-based network of partners infusing an active, outdoor lifestyle among youth. The OKCBF also works with Native American tribes to implement meaningful paddlesport experiences in Oklahoma City tied to the American Indian Cultural Center, while also activating and inspiring similar exploration and opportunities in tribal lands which are within a short drive of Oklahoma City. To create the outdoor habit in kids and families, Oklahoma City is working towards offering the opportunity for every middle school student to engage in paddlesports as well as hiking, camping, climbing and other outdoor activities. Oklahoma City has spent the past 10 years developing world-class outdoor assets which will be utilized to leverage additional funding to support the long-term goal of bolstering our outdoor community. Learn more about Thrive Outside Oklahoma City.

Thrive OKC
Thrive Outside OKC Map

Thrive Outside San Diego

The Thrive Outside San Diego Community, led by The San Diego Foundation, is strengthening an existing network of nonprofit, philanthropic, academic and government partners such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, County of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department, Outdoor Outreach, YMCA of San Diego County and the Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego. This network is working together to increase meaningful outdoor engagement opportunities for children and families with the support of the Thrive Outside grant. San Diego’s network partners have worked to identify gaps in services and plan not only to provide outdoor experiences for the community but also to expand outdoor amenities. The goal of this network is to make the outdoors part of the fabric of the lives of children and families in the San Diego region, especially South County where one in seven residents lived in poverty in 2015 and had limitations to accessing the outdoors. By highlighting outcomes associated with outdoor engagement, San Diego hopes to leverage the Thrive Outside funding to raise additional funds to improve the quality of life for San Diego children and families. Learn more about Thrive Outside San Diego.

Thrive Outside San Diego
Thrive Outside San Diego Surfing